smart manufacturing expo

Thanks to Bamborde from Zaiku Group, we were invited to demo the core Nanosai stateful data streaming component at the Smart Factory Expo in Liverpool last week (15 November 2017)

This was a big opportunity for large corporations such as Schneider Electric and companies involved in manufacturing supply and delivery to build relationships with lean start-ups.  Conversations with the manufacturing sector reflect the continued push to adopt Industry 4.0  read more about it here

Innovation Alley at the Smart Manufacturing Expo 2017
Innovation Alley at the Smart Manufacturing Expo 2017

The challenge for start ups and SMEs is making it easy for the larger companies to integrate their technology into existing infrastructure without making more problems such as digital overload. App store API barriers do not help but persistence has paid off for smartphone door key provider doordeck allowing both registered android and apple phone users to unlock doors without cards or keys. In short Industry 4.0 is making it possible to enhance the current manufacturing ecosystem by linking all the parts together in real time to improve production and ultimately the final product for the end user. The same revolution is being applied to the built environment both in the design and construction stage and in the occupancy stage.

At SpaceSweets we are looking to turn all buildings into digital twins in order to facilitate greater efficiency in building management to save money and deliver a better building experience for tenants -




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