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Building alert service from tenants to building managers

what is it:

– an alert service to notify building related issues such as repairs and updates
– an interchange between different service users and providers in buildings


who is it for:

  1. building managers 2. facility managers 3. workplace manager 4. building service providers 5. tenants in buildings

how does it work:

tenants and visitors sends alerts about building faults direct to facility manager

tenants notified when alert is delivered and when action has been sanctioned by service provider or building manager

what problem is this solving:

raising issues with buildings to building managers can be done in a number of ways these include:

  1. manual checks
  2. remote checks
  3. automatic checks
  4. tenant notifying building manager
  5. tenant notifies office manager

There is no current system that notifies the tenant or building manager that a problem or issue with the building has all ready been raised or that it will be fixed. Instead different tenants maybe contacting building managers for the same problem because the tenants did not know it had allready been raised. This means that the operations and building manager teams have to spend more time dealing with potential duplication of alerts.

alert for both tenants and building managers in real time

tenants can raise alerts by clicking on the platform online and sending a message to the building which filters the issue to a predesignated person or service provider. This issue then becomes public for the group and avoids the need for duplication and time spent by building manager replying to tenants individually


Download (PDF, Unknown)

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