Spacesweets | tips to making 360 videos for venues
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tips to making 360 videos for venues

tips to making 360 videos for venues

Budget Tips – making 360 videos for promoting venues, and buildings

Many venues now have a Virtual Reality set up to promote their spaces. This typically involves uploading a beautifully rendered image or a panoramic photograph and video to a platform that enables views in VR from a good phone. We go one step further and use the HTC Vive to provide the best immersive experience. The good news is that you can view the VR video or image on a monitor rather through glasses so we make sure all the models,  scenes and videos we make can be viewed on a normal monitor screen or where available through a VR set up like Google –

In reality making interesting 360 video content to promote your spaces is actually quite easy and you do not need expensive equipment. It will not look as slick as the pros but it could get as many hits on social media if it is engaging. Feel free to send me links if you find some good examples.

Here are some tips when you do want to use VR to show off your venue when on a budget:

1. Get some great footage practice with the Samsung Gear and upload it to your Youtube 360 channel

Despite the Scottish weather the presenter displays genuine charm in Edinburgh courtesy of Princes Street Suites

This is a great amateur one by a visitor but that just adds to the experience and makes the review of the apartment more genuine.

and one we did for the Liverpool Three Graces on the river front

2. Choose an easy editing platform like Youtube in built editing software to clean up the video – make sure to add relevant tags to encourage more online hits

3. Choose the platform with the most potential views: Youtube VR channel is a good start

4. Of course 360 videos can be seen on both the screen directly and in VR and are only as good as the venues they are displaying. Make sure they link to good photos, positive commentaries and other digital displays such interactive floor plans to really help market the place.

5. Finally when I visited the Meeting Show in Olympia London this June – one of the biggest expos for event spaces around the world – the most immersive way for delegates looking for great spaces is to sit down and talk to people about their amazing places – thanks to the team from Dubai Tourism @visitdubai for some great coffee too.


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