Spacesweets | Kier innovation demo day in Liverpool
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Kier innovation demo day in Liverpool

Back in June (2017) – SpaceSweeets took part an innovation day for the construction sector. At the Kier Construction Group Liverpool office along with Barry Newcombe fom With the in house Kier team we opened the doors to building professionals throughout the day (meeting room room booked at

Virtual Reality, drones, Samsung Gear, the HTC vive, and the Occulus Rift were all present to demonstrate the capacity of recording and displaying building information in a more immersive format. Potentially the two most most exciting concepts were looking at combining BIM (Building Information Modelling) into a virtual reality platform and looking at models and proposed sites for impact studies in Google Earth on the HTC Vive platform.

Thanks again to the Kier Construction Group for allowing SpaceSweets to join with Revit To Reality in showcasing the potential of this technology to a wider professional audience.

Kier Construction Group Plc